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Microsoft Has Ditched its $1 Xbox Game Pass Trial

Do you remember trying Xbox Game Pass for just £1/$1 a month? That’s not going to happen any more.

We’re not talking about just you, either – Microsoft has put an end to that Xbox Game Pass offer so, going forward, no-one will be able to take advantage of that offer. It’s the end of a (short) era and it makes us feel a little bit sad.

There were potentially ways to abuse the offer but it also persuaded us to sign up. For £1 a month, for three months, we got dabble in the whole of Microsoft’s Game Pass catalogue. And, aside from saving money on games we would have otherwise had to purchase, we got discover games we’d otherwise never have sampled.

The one catch was that the subscription would roll over unless you cancelled it but you could always cancel right away and just use the three months. And now? The offer is no more, as reported by The Verge.

Microsoft is “..evaluating different marketing promotions for new members in the future”, but we’ll have to wait to see what’s in store. As of right now, the regular price is $9.99 a month (PC or Xbox) or $14.99 for Ultimate. Ultimate also allows you to stream games via Microsoft’s cloud gaming service.

You can save money on the game subscription service  using one of CD Keys’ offers, but $1 a month for three months was one hell of a hook.

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