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Military RTS Men of War II Has a Tech Test Running This Weekend

Men of War II

We’re going to skip the Edwin Starr jokes but Men of War II has an open multiplayer test that could be right up your crater-pocked street.

Military RTS Men of War II was scheduled for a 2022 PC release but, as you can probably guess, it was delayed until this year. It’s actually the eleventh entry in the Men of War franchise, though unlike those interim titles, it’s the work of original developer Best Way.

The multiplayer test will let you play as infantry, tank or artillery battalions from the Soviet, German and U.S. armies. It’ll also sport nine tutorial missions to help you get to grips with its real time strategy shenanigans.

Aerial combat doesn’t figure into Men of War II, so all the fighting takes place on the ground. But you’re not just running at the enemy and hoping for the best. Instead, there are plenty of techniques to employ.

You can, for example, hole up in a building and take pots shots at your foes. Those foes can be human or AI-controlled because while the multiplayer test is playable now, the final game will contain a single-player mode. Likewise, five maps are included in the test but there’ll be 22 in the final game.

So how do you get involved in Men of War II’s test? The good news is that it’s just a case of going to the game’s Steam page. Then, click on Request Access. That may sound as if you’re going to get personally vetted but you should, instead, get instant access.

The test is already underway and finishes Monday, March 27th 10am PDT / 1pm EDT / 5pm UTC.

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