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Monster Energy Supercross 6 Review

If you’re a fan of supercross, chances are you’ll love Monster Energy Supercross 6. But it has little that makes it feel genuinely new.

Like most series that have yearly releases, sometimes the latest Monster Energy Supercross game has a new feature that makes it a worthwhile upgrade, or is perhaps just substantially improved overall. And then there are years like this, where there’s seemingly little difference at all beyond the updated riders, bikes and tracks. And so whether Monster Energy Supercross 6 is worth investing in is largely dependent on how important those are to you.

Like last year’s Monster Energy Supercross 5, this year’s entry sports fairly impressive visuals, reliable physics, an extensive track builder, and all the modes you’ve come to expect. Are there improvements across the board? Sure. As you play, you’ll perhaps find that the physics are a little more refined. If you’re a newcomer, there are more assists available than ever before, too, giving you a better chance of keeping up with the competition while learning the ropes. For most players though, what’s on offer here might just a feel a little too familiar.

Jump into the the career mode of Monster Energy Supercross 6 and you’ll find that it’s structured the same as it has been for the last few years. There are three distinct phases – Futures, Rookie and Pro – with the latter ones locked until you’ve completed the prior. So, even if you’re a series vet, you’ve got to start as if you’re a newcomer to the sport again. And as you progress through the three phases, being met with stiffer competition and more powerful supercross bikes as you go, more features are also opened up.

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Progress to Rookie phase, for example, and you’ll hard to start being mindful of your rider’s shape as well as injuries. You’ll also have to start looking over and requesting contracts. And upon reaching Pro status, you’ll start forming rivalries with your fellow racers, adding a little more competition to each and every race you enter. Overall, it’s a decent structure that allows you to shape and develop your character over time, and perhaps even grow your own skills. It’s just a shame there isn’t a little bit more to make it feel fresh.

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Aside from more assist options, perhaps the biggest new addition here is a larger free roam area that encompasses a training area and a whole lot more. You’re free to drive around it at your leisure, though it also comes in handy during your career as it’s somewhere you can engage in workouts, improving your rider’s health, and also take on new coach quests. Supercross Legend Jeremy McGrath is at hand to provide kind words and a range of challenges. You might be tasked with performing scrubs or making your way through a course against the clock. Succeed, and not only will you feel good about your achievements, but also earn money and/or skill points that help you progress your career.

Outside of career, full cross-play between consoles is likely to make those who enjoy playing with others online quite happy. And there’s a fun new event type, too: Rhythm Attack. Essentially drag races with a supercross twist, players go head-to-head against the AI or another player, with the goal of reaching the finish line first. But all-out speed isn’t what’s important here. Like in the rest of the game, it’s finding a smooth rhythm over the many jumps and bumps ahead. In any case, it’s a fun diversion.

There’s no doubt about it: this is the best Monster Energy Supercross release yet. But for many there simply won’t be enough genuinely new here to impress. Casual fans that have already purchased least year’s release might just want to make do with that for another year. Ardent supercross fans, on the other hand, will no doubt appreciate the latest riders, bikes and tracks, as well as the other few new features an upgrades that are on offer here, but won’t be able to shake the overall feeling of familiarity.

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This review of Monster Energy Supercross 6 is based on the PS5 version, with a code provided by the game’s publisher. It’s available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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