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PC Building Sim 2’s New 1.25 Update Adds Dust but Not Cockroaches

PC Building Simulator 2

PC Building Sim 2 has a new update patch which, amongst other things, adds dust to the PCs you’re tasked with repairing.

Don’t worry, the patch doesn’t add anything nastier to PC Building Sim 2. We’ve heard horror stories about cockroaches being found inside PCs that were brought in for repair but there’s none of that here. Yet. The virtual repair shop you run is mercifully nightmare free.

If you’ve not played PC Building Sim 2, you should absolutely dive in. We reviewed it last year, remarking that “..if you’re intrigued by the idea of tinkering with components, you owe it to yourself to give it a go.”

So what else does this patch add or amend, aside from dust? You can find the full list of changes here, but here are some of the highlights.

  • There are new keyboards in the game.
  • You can choose which monitor you want the game to run on.
  • The update adds eight new case themes.
  • You can buy 6 new PCs a day, instead of just 4.
  • Various components had the incorrect number of pins. That’s now been fixed.
  • Language and keyboard settings are automatically applied on load.

The most notable change relate to the pins. We didn’t notice any incorrect pins and, unless we had the graphic cards sitting next to us, we still wouldn’t. But purists no doubt pointed out these inaccuracies and developer Spiral House has stepped up to fix them.

The patch is out right now and the game itself is available via the Epic Games Store, priced at £19.99.

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