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Purge, the Final Piece of Citizen Sleeper DLC, Arrives This Month

Citizen Sleeper Purge

Purge, the third and final Citizen Sleeper DLC episode, arrives at the end of March.

Citizen Sleeper casts you as a human whose mind has been shoehorned into a robot body, working on a space station known as the Eye. Leaving as not an option as you’re indentured to the shady Essen-Arp Corporation. A blend of RPG and resource management, it launched in May of 2022.

It was nominated for a Games Awards, er, award, in the “Games for Impact” category. It ultimately lost out to As Dusk Falls but getting nominated is really something in itself. Other nominees included A Memoir Blue, Endling – Extinction is Forever, Hindsight and I Was a Teenage Exocolonist.

Developer Jump Over the Age has promised three pieces of free DLC. They’ve previously delivered the first two, Flux and Refuge, and now the third, Purge, is set to arrive this March 31st. It follows on from the former two so if you haven’t tackled them, we’d advise you dive into them first.

Purge promises to add new characters, locations and more so if Citizen Sleeper wasn’t enough of a futuristic, corporate nightmare, this should satisfy your cravings. March 31st is also the day the game arrives on PS4 and PS5, complete with all three DLCs.

Citizen Sleeper is currently available on PC, Switch and Xbox. It’s included in PC/Xbox Game Pass so if you’ve not tackled it you can do so for free. And, given that the DLC is free as well, you can explore the whole world at your leisure. Just don’t expect it to be all space kittens and cosmic candy floss.

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