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Rez Infinite on PSVR 2 is a Heavenly Experience

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Now over 20 years old, Rez is a game that just keeps getting better and better.

The last time it wowed us was upon the release of PSVR. Rez Infinite allowed us to get immersed in the title’s on-rails shooter action like never before, with its wide array of modes bolstered by a new arrival called Area X. And now, with the launch of PSVR 2, Rez Infinite has been improved yet again. Make no mistake: if you’re a fan of arcade experiences that you can return to again and again, this is a must have.

The basic but bold visual art style of Rez Infinite is the first thing enhanced thanks to PSVR 2. This is a game that greatly benefits from the extra sharpness and clarity offered by the headset’s improved pixel count. And just wait until you try Area X: it was already a breath-taking experience on PSVR, now it’s almost transcendental. The particles and colours will absolutely blow your mind. A sequel absolutely needs to be made using this as a base.

But the visuals are only one part of the Rez Infinite experience that have been enhanced for this PSVR 2-supported PS5 release. With either Sense controllers or a DualSense in hand, you can target enemies by moving a cursor over them with an analogue stick if you wish. Alternatively, you can move your head around to aim. Thanks to PSVR 2’s eye-tracking features, now you can simply look at enemies to target them. And it’s as impressive as it sounds.

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Other new additions to get you immersed like never before include haptic feedback. Not only will the controllers you’re using rumble in accordance to the action that unfolds, but also the headset itself. The latter can feel a littler strange at first, but once you’re used to it you’ll love how it can draw you further into the game.

The fact is, whether you play Rez Infinite with or without PSVR 2 on PS5 it’s better overall. HDR support and 3D audio simply add icing to an already incredible cake. This is one of the best on-rails shooters of all time, with gameplay that never gets old and a techno soundtrack that’s guaranteed to get us bopping away.

If you’ve picked up a PSVR 2 headset and never played Rez or Rez Infinite before, you’re in for a real treat. Consider this a must-have. Though even if you’ve played it to death, the fact that you can upgrade your PS4 version for a small cost might also make it tempting. We’d say go for it, especially if you are planning on playing in VR, as the enhancements here in that regard are truly notable. In any case, you simply can’t go wrong with Rez Infinite.

Rez Infinite is available on PS4, PS5 and PC.

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