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Sea of Thieves Celebrates its Fifth Anniversary With a Marauder’s Medley Event

Sea of Thieves Marauder's Medley

Sea of Thieves has a new Marauders Medley Event, celebrating a very special anniversary.

Yes, its ten years since Skull & Bones began development.. and, no, we’re kidding – it’s Sea of Thieves’ five year anniversary. Though we weren’t kidding about Skull & Bones still being in development. Ubisoft started in on that one a year before Sea of Thieves was a gleam in Rare’s eye.

And, with live service games dropping like flies, it’s a testament to the game’s appeal that people are still playing it. Well, that and Rare’s support – they’ve added content, crossovers and more to keep the game fresh and it hit fifteen million players in 2020. We wouldn’t describe ourselves as dedicated pirates but every time we’ve dipped into the game we’ve ended up with a smile on our faces.

So what does this Marauders Medley Event add to the game? It introduces a range of challenges which, each only available for two days, let you earn the following rewards:

  • Fabulous Five Eyepatch
  • Golden Sailor Wheel
  • Prosperous Captain’s Sails
  • X Marks the Spot Eye of Reach
  • Golden Sailor Cannons

These are cosmetic items but they’ll hang around after Sea of Thieves’ anniversary and are a way of neat way of showing off. The Marauders Medley Event runs from now until March 16th. You can find out more about the event here.

Sea of Thieves is available on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox Game Pass.

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