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Sea of Thieves Was Almost About Spies

Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves is over five years old but, as revealed by an anniversary developer blog, it was very nearly about spies.

Sea of Thieves was, according to developer Rare’s recent post on Xbox Wire, always going to be multiplayer. However, the player dynamic could have been very, very different. Inspired by a game known as Werewolf (think Mafia, but more fur) they were looking at something that would underline communication skills and delve into player psychology.

There’s still psychology involved in Sea of Thieves but the open-world pirate game is very different from the game that Rare originally mooted. The original concept would have had players at each other throats. According to Rare Creative Director Mike Chapman:

“..we actually started with, ‘wouldn’t it be cool if it was about secret agents?’ Wouldn’t it be cool if I’m there completing my mission with you, but then you get a voice over the intercom saying, ‘Drop him.’ And you’ve got players tearing each other apart.”

There’s an Aaaarmong Us joke in there, but we’re too classy to make it. But it does have us imagining what might have been. So why didn’t we get Sea of Spies or whatever? It just didn’t feel right to Rare. And while they considered vampires and even dinosaurs, it was pirates they ultimately settled on.

If you’ve yet to experience the piratical joys of Sea of Thieves, now’s a good time to jump in. There’s a Fifth Anniversary event ongoing and, the game is also free on Game Pass. Sure, Skull & Bones might look cool but, given its ongoing delays, Rare’s offering is a better bet. And, as also revealed by that blog, they’ve already got the next five years planned out.

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