Sons of the Forest Has a New Update With a Hang Glider, Miniboss and More

Sons of the Forest Hang Glider

Sons of the Forest has a new update and it includes a whole log cabin’s worth of fixes.

But that’s not all this Sons of the Forest update adds. This survival game also has a smattering of extra content which includes a rather cool hang glider. You can take to the air and.. then come down again. Okay, it’s not actually that useful since you can’t pack it away, but it’s a neat addition.

There’s also a new miniboss as well as binoculars, a defensive wall gate and more. Plus, you can easily move furniture around, if your base is big enough to need rearranging. You know, just in case that chair made out of skulls is messing with the Feng Shui. Oh, and cannibals can now jump out of trees at you, which is nice.

Bug-wise, there are an awful lot fixes. The most notable one is that – according to the patch notes – Kelvin will no longer cut down trees with player structures attached. That’s a much-needed fix but we’re absolutely going to test it out before we let him near any tree houses.

There are also some balancing fixes, including one which stops Kelvin catching fish after a time. You could order him to get fish and he’d just keep going, creating a massive pile of fish. Even better, he was magicking the fish out of thin air so it didn’t matter how many fish were i a pond, he’d still create that massive pile. We think we’re actually going to miss that bug.

You can find the full patch notes here and pick up Sons of the Forest on PC, via Steam Early Access.

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