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Tips for Getting Started in Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest

Wondering how to get started in Sons of the Forest? Here are some tips to start you on your way.

Sons of the Forest starts off with you surviving a plane crash but don’t count your blessing just yet. You’ve got cannibals and mutants for company, plus you’re going to have to manage your own food and water supplies. So here are some tips for getting started in Sons of the Forest.

1. Use peaceful mode

We’re not suggesting you play the entire game without any hazards but if you’re new to Sons of the Forest, playing the game at Peaceful difficulty level is a great way to familiarise yourself with how it all works.

2. Use Kelvin

You can read more here, but make good use of Kelvin, your friendly NPC. He can do a lot of the resource gathering and building work for you.

3. Try eating everything

You’ll frequently come across berries and other edibles with a question mark on them. Eat them. If they’re poisonous you’ll take a small health hit but the question mark will be replaced with a green or red icon, so now you know for next time which are edible.

4. Build a treehouse

A treehouse, while not guaranteeing your safety, is a better option than building a cabin on the ground. However, be warned: Kelvin may accidentally chop it down so you’re best off ordering him to gather logs a little further away.

5. Grab everything you can early on

Roam the island a little, grabbing as many items as you can from suitcases and so forth. You’ll find abandoned camps and your GPS will help you find them. Why should you do this early? Because…

6. Know that the cannibals and mutants are going to get more aggressive

Initially, the cannibals and mutants aren’t that interest in you but the further along you get the more they’ll start attacking you and your base. By day ten you can expect them to turn up in groups of three or more.

7. Bring a tarp and use it to save often

Use the tarpaulin and a stick to build a tent, so you can save your game and sleep. But, before you move on, remember to use the C key to take it down. You’ll then get the tarp back. Yes, you should be building a big home base but having a tarp (and a stick) with you lets you save anywhere.

8. Set up your weapon/item hot keys

As of Sons of the Forest Hotfix #2, you can assign weapons to hotkeys. Look in your inventory, hover over an item or weapon and you’ll see a grey box. Press 1 to 0 and that will be assigned to that number. Then, just press that number to quickly equip the item.

And those are some tips to get you started playing Sons of the Forest. Just be warned, if you’re playing in normal difficulty mode or above, the locals are going to prove a little unfriendly. Enjoy!

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