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Sony’s Creator to Creator Video Dives into HBO’s The Last of Us

The Last of us Creator to Creator

Wondering what it was like working with and acting on HBO’s The Last of Us? A new video sees the stars sitting down together.

What’s interesting about this “Creator to Creator” video, is that Neil Druckmann, writer of the original game also co-wrote HBO’s The Last of Us. So, rather than it being just about the series, he’s able to contrast the show’s production with the game it’s based on.

The video, posted on Sony’s PlayStation Blog, is well worth a watch if you’re a fan of the game, the show or both. In particular, Druckmann makes the point that using motion capture gives, or rather gave, Naughty Dog an awful lot of freedom when it came to changing things up.

He points out that, with motion capture, they get the actors captured from every angle. They can change scenery, weather, virtually anything in a heartbeat. The show, on the other hand, was a different experience. Instead of going the green screen route, it featured actual sets.

Bella Ramsey jokes that they annoyed a lot of local residents but that they did cordon off a section of highway. A little set dressing and it became a scene in the show. The bit with Ellie and Joel walking through the snow involved real show, though they did use a massive fan to whip up a blizzard.

Speaking of fans, the video also reveals that a lot of people on the set were hardcore fans of the game and were able to point out how things compared to the game. The show didn’t have be exactly like the game but it’s still fun to spot scenes that mirror those in the game.

You can watch the video above, which is part one of the discussion. And if you’re watching HBO’s The Last of Us, there’s just two episodes to go to the grand finale. We’re sure everything will end happily – honest.

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