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Starfield Has Been Delayed Until September

Starfield Release Date

Starfield finally has a release date – but it’s much later than we expected.

Starfield was, according to developer Bethesda, arriving in the first half of 2023. At least it was the previous time they talked about a release window – the game had already been delayed from 2022.

But now, it’s confirmed that this futuristic action-adventure won’t be arriving until September 2023. The new release date was revealed through a new trailer which, fronted by Bethesda’s Todd Howard, largely failed to mention that it had been delayed.

But the trailer did, at least, give us a few more glimpses of the game in action. The on-foot bits, anyway – we’ve yet to get a really good look at the game’s space combat. But there’s set to be a Starfield Direct in June which we hope will deliver in that regard.

It’s disappointing, yes, but it makes sense and we’re not just talking about avoiding crunch. Bethesda is also a publisher and has published a wealth of games over the years. However, it’s nearly 20 years since they’ve developed a game that wasn’t a sequel or spin-off.

So, if Starfield sinks without a trace it would be bad for the company. Not just financially but also in terms of how it’s perceived. This is Bethesda’s chance to be something other than the Fallout and Skyrim developers.

Starfield is set for a September 6th release on Xbox Series X|S and PC. The Direct will take place this June 11th.

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