The Callisto Protocol’s Contagion Bundle, With Extra Deaths, is Out now

The Callisto Protocol review 2 (1)

The Callisto Protocol’s first piece of DLC, the Contagion Bundle, is out, adding more player deaths to the space-based survival horror.

We’re still not entirely on board with developer Striking Distance Studios charging extra for new animations but hardcore fans may appreciate it. The Callisto Protocol’s Contagion Bundle also adds a new mode for players who want an extra challenge.

That, to us, is more interesting than having a monster pull your face off in a different way. It’s also entirely distinct from the New Game+ mode and the Hardcore mode, both of which were released for free.

Contagion Mode doesn’t, despite the name, have protagonist Jacob catching the game’s disease. Instead, it features stronger enemies, more limited resources and restrictions on when you can save.

It’s not as severe as Dead Space’s impossible mode, which adds permadeath. However, while the game does auto-save, you’re unable to save manually. And dying means being sent back to the beginning of the chapter.

The bundle also contains some new skins, which let you change the appearance of both Jacob and his weapons. If you don’t have the Season Pass, you can also pick The Callisto Protocol’s Contagion Bundle up for £7.99/$9.99, on PlayStation, Xbox and (via Steam) PC.