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The Last of Us Show Features in Sony’s Latest Creator to Creator Video

The Last of Us Creator to Creator 2

Wondering why HBO’s The Last of Us dialled back the violence, compared to the game? Sony’s latest Creator to Creator video dives into it.

Creator to Creator is an ongoing to Sony project and the latest chapter, chunked into handy parts, covers The Last of Us, the game and the show. Following on from the last video, this new one tackles a variety of topics. We’re not going to spoil all of them but the discussion about violence is particularly interesting.

As discussed by the show’s creators and actors, they didn’t just moderate violence, compared to the game, they altered the way they presented it. For example, in the game, Ellie kills a guy who’s trying to kill Joel. In HBO’s The Last of Us, she fails and there’s a good reason for that.

The series shows Ellie dealing with the consequences of that. She intended to save Joel, which she has done But she’s also left him with the burden of killing the man. Or, more accurately, she’s left him to kill a teenager. And she feels the weight of that – at least, until Joel gives her a gun.

There are some lighter moments, certainly. The video also discusses corpsing, which is actors laughing when they shouldn’t. Both Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey point the finger at each other, guilty of making each other laugh their faces off. You can check out the video above and catch the final episode of The Last of Us show season 1 this Sunday/Monday.

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