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The Long Dark: Tales from the Far Territories Has Landed on Console

The Long Dark Tales from The Far Territory

Got a console? Want more The Long Dark? Then Tales from the Far Territories could be right up your street.

The first episode of The Long Dark: Tales from the Far Territories launched onto PC back in December but consoles are now catching up. Not only has the first episode arrived on the console, but the second episode has launched simultaneously with the PC version.

Developer Hinterland are still finishing off the “main” game’s story content but, going forward, they made the decision to release a whole new paid campaign. It might seem slightly cheeky to start dropping DLC episodes before the main game’s story is complete. But given it’s helping keep Hinterland afloat we can understand that decision.

So what’s on offer? The first episode, Forsaken Airfield, isn’t so much a full on story as a new region to explore which is.. wait for it.. a forsaken airfield. You’ll have to deal with, amongst other things, “Glimmer Fog” which absolutely doesn’t sound hugely sinister.

The second episode, Signal Void, throws in more narrative elements. There’s also new clothing which, given the game takes place on Great Bear Island, likely isn’t claw-proof. We wouldn’t recommend diving in if you’ve not tackled the main game. But if you want to see more of The Long Dark’s world, Tales should deliver.

You can watch the trailer above, and pick up the content on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5,  or PC. It’s priced at $19.99 for the full year-long season of content and requires the full game (also on Game Pass). The content is also set for a Nintendo Switch release but it’s yet to land on that platform yet.

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