This New, Free Escape Room Simulator Room Takes its Cues from Leonard Da Vinci

Escape Room Simulator Leonardo's Workshop

Escape Room Simulator is a lot of fun and, thanks to a new free update, there’s another room to solve. This time it’s inspired by Leonard Da Vinci.

We got a big kick out of Escape Room Simulator and its Steampunk content and now, this Leonard Da Vinci-inspired room, Leonardo’s Workshop is set to have us diving right back in. Unlike the Steampunk content it’s free, though the Steampunk DLC did feature more rooms.

Because that’s the problem with a lot of escape rooms, digital or otherwise. Once you’ve solved one, that’s it. So we’re always glad to see more content. What does this new DLC add, apart from a Da Vinci-style aesthetic?

According to developer Pine Studio, you’ll have to “..unravel the mysteries surrounding his (Da Vinci’s) life that have had experts scratching their heads for many years.” Puzzling aside, you can also don some Da Vinci-themed clothes. Why? Because if you’re playing in multiplayer mode you can show off your duds.

The Da Vinci update is out now and if you’ve not picked up Escape Room Simulator, it’s currently 25% off on Steam. Or, if you want to engage in even more escape room shenanigans, it’s worth taking a look at the rather excellent Escape Room Academy, out on PC, PlayStation and Xbox.