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Tune into Next Thursday’s Capcom Direct for Resident Evil 4 and More

Capcom Spotlight

Capcom has announced it’ll be putting on a Capcom Direct next Thursday, exploring Resident Evil 4, Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective and more.

You might want to cover your eyes for the Resident Evil 4 bit if you want to go into the remake cold, but there’s plenty else on offer. March 9th’s Capcom Direct will also feature a look at Exoprimal, announced a year ago – no, we’re not getting a new Dino Crisis but it still looks like fun.

On top of that there’ll be more Monster Hunter Rise (which recently made the leap to Xbox and PlayStation), Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection and Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective.

At least, those are the games Capcom has confirmed. We’re still hoping for a new Ace Attorney game or, at least, an official Ace Attorney Investigations 1/2 bundle. Is that going to happen? We can dream.

So how do you get to watch this Capcom Direct? And when can you watch it? It’s taking place this March 9th at 2:30 PM PT / 10:30 PM GMT. There’ll also be a pre-show event, twenty minutes earlier.

You can watch the show via Capcom’s own Twitch channel, here. It’ll also be streaming via both YouTube and Facebook. Don’t count on seeing Street Fighter 6, which will be on show at WASD Live in London. But it should still be worth tuning in for.

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