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Waving Our Arms Around in PSVR 2’s Tentacular Feels Rather Spectacular

Tentacular PSVR 2

We can’t say we’ve ever dreamed of being an octopus, or any type of tentacled creature for that matter.

We’re sure there are fetishes around that sort of thing, and we do not wish to discuss, nor think about it, thank you very much. But after stepping into Tentacular on PSVR 2, a game that gives you a first-person perspective (or should that be first-squid perspective) of a tentacled beast, having our own sucker-covered, slimy limbs to flail around is actually quite fun.

We’ve not got very far in Tentacular yet. But to be honest, it doesn’t matter. We were having enough fun, simply splashing about in the water of the starting area, grabbing stuff with our suckers. The haptic feedback within the PSVR 2’s Sense controllers is excellent, leaving us feeling like items genuinely are sticking to our hands. You can pick up just about everything, from floating shipping containers to the human girl you consider your sister.

Along with picking stuff up, you can also fling whatever you want out to the far reaches of the ocean. Even your human pals. It’s not the nicest thing to do, granted, but it’s fine: they’ll swim right back to safety, complete with a little lifebuoy around the middle of them. No harm done.

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Of course, Tentacular isn’t simply about splashing your tentacles around, throwing stuff across the ocean. This is a physical puzzle game, with each challenge tasking you with something to solve. Maybe you’ll have to stack items up to build giant structures, or maybe you’ll have to fling things across the screen to hit specific targets. We’ve got plenty more to get through, but we’re having fun so far. It helps that Tentacular looks great: its world is a joy to be inside of thanks to its bright colour palette, cute characters and attractive environments.

Tentacular is available on other VR platforms, but it’s safe to say that PSVR 2 elevates it to the next level thanks to the haptic feedback offered by the Sense controllers. We just can’t overstate how wonderful it feels to pick something up, with it sticking to our suckered tentacles. It truly is delightful.

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