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What Do You Do With Money in Sons of the Forest?

Sons of the Forest Money

Sons of the Forest sees you rifling through suitcases, equipment boxes and the like. Sometimes you’ll find money – but what do you do with it?

Sons of the Forest, like The Forest, Dead Island and plenty of other games, has you emptying suitcase for their precious resources. You might find tape, a bottle of vodka or even money. But if you do find cash, what do you do with money in Sons of the Forest?

In Sons of the Forest, coins can be used to make bombs but paper money is only good for burning. So if you collect a bunch of coins, you can combine them with C4, a watch and other items (find out more here) to make a time bomb.

But paper money can only be burnt. The game actually tells you how much each wad in your inventory is worth, just to rub it in, but burning’s the only option. So, if you’ve got a fire going, you can click on the fire to add more fuel.

Then, you’ll be prompted to add either leaves or cash. It’s up to you, but they can both be used to keep the fire going. So, while coins have a use, in Sons of the Forest paper money is good for fuel and nothing else.

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