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Hotel Renovator

Where to Find the Mini Fridge in Hotel Renovator

An early mission in Hotel Renovator asks you to add a mini fridge to a room – but just where do you find it? Here’s what you need to know.

If you’re playing through Hotel Renovator‘s main campaign mode, you’ll frequently be given tasks to complete. Most room renovations will ask you to do something specific, like use a certain colour, or add a particular item to a room. One such mission early on in Hotel Renovator asks you to add a mini fridge to a bedroom. But it’s not that easy to locate.

To furnish a room, you need to select ‘furniture’ from the tool wheel. To bring up the tool wheel, press L2/LT on a controller, or click the right mouse button. Once you’ve selected furniture, you’ll then get a selection of categories to choose between. Simply click and scroll through them, or use your shoulder buttons if you’re using a controller.

You’ll find the mini fridge in Hotel Renovator in the ‘special’ furniture category. Keep scrolling until you find it: the category is represented with a star.

It’s a strange category to put it in, because if you ask us, a mini fridge is rather a standard hotel room item. Adding it to the electrical category seems more logical, but who are we to judge? You’ll need to scroll through various random objects in the ‘special’ category until you find the mini fridge, but it’s in there, somewhere.

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