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Sons of the Forest Kelvin

Will Kelvin Die if You Abandon Him in Sons of the Forest?

Kelvin, the tree-chopping NPC from Sons of the Forest, is useful to say the least. But if you leave him alone is he in danger of dying?

After all, Kelvin is the one Sons of the Forest NPC that can’t use weapons or even defend himself. So it might seem like a really bad idea to let him fend for himself. So will Sons of the Forest’s Kelvin die if you abandon him? Here’s the answer.

Kelvin will not die if you abandon him or otherwise get him to stop following you. In fact, he’s in more danger when he’s with you. Yes, he’s extremely useful, but cannibals will attack him. In some games, such as The Last of Us Part I, enemies mostly ignore the NPCs and go straight for you. Not in Sons of the Forest, however.

And, if Kelvin gets attacked again when he’s already down on the ground, he’ll die, meaning you can’t revive him. Well, not without a bit of save editing, anyway. And Sons of the Forest is in Steam Early Access so it’s possible Kelvin could glitch out of the world. We’ve also heard reports of him getting stuck in caves.

But since the action always follows you, Kevin isn’t automatically going to die if you abandon him in Sons of the Forest. The cannibals won’t track him down offscreen. So, on the topic of will Kelvin die if you abandon him, the answer is no.

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