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Meet Your Maker GenMat

Can You Move the GenMat in Meet Your Maker?

When you’re raiding or building an outpost in Meet Your Maker, it’s all about the GenMat. But can you actually move the GenMat deposit?

After all, the GenMat deposit is your enemies ultimate objective. It’d be handy if you could maybe raise the deposit up, placing it at the top of a pyramid. Or perhaps you could put it right in the bottom of your base, making then descent into hell to get it. So can you move the GenMat deposit in Meet Your Maker?

Unfortunately, you can’t move the GenMat deposit. The game decides where it is and all you can do is build your level around it. It ends to be somewhere below ground level but not so low it’s right at the bottom of the bedrock.

What you can do is use blocks to build a tunnel or corridor that twists around. So you could make the player climb up to the top of a structure, just to go all down to the GenMat. That’s also a handy way of wrong-footing your player, making them more likely to bumble into traps.

But as far as the GenMat itself, when you purchase a Meet Your Maker location the GenMat is automatically placed and you can’t move it.

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