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Death or Treat review

Death or Treat Preview: A Lot of Death, Quite the Treat

May might be a strange time to release a Halloween-themed game. But when said game is as much fun as Death or Treat, we’re not going to complain about it.

This upcoming roguelike side-scrolling action game sees you play as Scary, a ghostly resident of Hallowtown. By day, Scary sells Halloween candy – or at least he used to. But the Halloween Spirit is missing, and Death or Treat is all about getting it back. That means making your way through several worlds, defeating enemies and fearsome bosses, in order to gather up spirit and slowly build Hallowtown back up to the thriving hub it used to be. Easy, right?

Not exactly. Death or Treat is a roguelike, meaning that once you succumb to your enemies, you’ll be thrown right back to the beginning again. Combat is simple but engaging, with a satisfying feel as you slice your way through enemies. As you move through a level you’ll collect spirit in the form of small blue orbs – and this can be used as a currency back in town.

The good news is that everything you collect is yours to keep – even if you die. And that means you always feel like you’re making progress, even if a particular run through Death or Treat doesn’t last particularly long. That spirit can be used to open up shops and facilities in town, and eventually you’ll be able to access new weapons and skills, making Scary more powerful. And of course, the more powerful he is, the easier making your way through Death or Treat will become.

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Death or Treat preview

This is a great-looking game, with character and enemy sprites an utter delight to look at. Of course, the Halloween theme means it’s a little out of season, but we don’t really care – we’ve always got space in our lives for cute and spooky things.  Spooky himself is a loveable fellow, and the enemies you take down are wonderfully designed, too. The bosses might be a stand-out feature: we’ve only seen the first one so far, but if they’re anything to go by, they’re going to be a highlight of the game.

We don’t have to wait too much longer to see what else Death or Treat has in store for us: it releases on consoles and PC on 5th May. We’ve very much enjoyed the time we’ve spent with it so far, and if you’re a fan of roguelike hack-and-slash games, you’re very much going to want to keep your eyes on this.

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