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Deceive Inc Patch 1.05.02 Fixes Invincible Guards, PS5 Crashing and More

Deceive Inc has a new patch which, amongst other things, does away with invincible guards.

Yes, that was a thing that could happen in Deceive Inc. Mercifully, we never ran into that bug ourselves but we can just imagine frantically blasting away at guard and watching your bullets bounce off them. It doesn’t sound at all pleasant.

Developer Sweet Bandits Studios has labelled this a “hotfix” but it’s meatier than your average on the fly patch. That’s not to say this multiplayer spy game is a buggy train wreck – it’s not. But we wouldn’t want anything to get in the way of our disguise-based shenanigans.

So what else does the patch address? You can find the full patch notes here but here are some of the highlights and more notable changes.

  • Aim assist has been given a big boost.
  • Players now have more control over matchmaking.
  • PlayStation 5 stability has been improved.
  • Fixed a bug that had your weapons auto-scrolling.
  • Cavalière, Hans and Squire have all been rebalanced.
  • A Silver Reef shortcut, which has been broken since launch, is now fixed.

If you’ve yet to dive into Deceive Inc it’s well worth your time, particularly if you get a kick out of disguising yourself as a chair. It’s available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC. And if you need some help to get started, check out our tips here.

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