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Does Dead Island 2 Have New Game Plus?

Dead Island 2

Are you wondering if Dead Island 2 has a new game plus mode to jump into once you’ve completed it? Here’s what you need to know.

If you’re a bit of a completionist, you’ll undoubtedly be familiar with New Game Plus modes. Many games have these, offering incentive to restart from the beginning – but while keeping your existing character progress. With Dead Island 2 being open world, you might be wondering if it has a New Game Plus mode of its own. Well, does it?

No, Dead Island 2 doesn’t have a New Game Plus mode of any description. At least not yet. It’s entirely possible one might get added in an update further down the line – we’ve seen this happen with recent major releases, such as God of War Ragnarok and The Callisto Protocol.

But since Dead Island 2 is an open world game with plenty of content to dive into outside of the main story, it sort-of makes sense there’s not a New Game Plus mode to jump into. Once the credits roll, you simply continue playing, exploring Hell-A and diving into any missions you’ve not already completed.

The game’s ending also leaves things very open for upcoming DLC, continuing the story. It would make sense for players to experience this before starting the game again. Maybe we’ll get a New Game Plus after all DLC has been released. Or maybe there won’t be one at all. Either way, there’s enough content to keep us busy without.

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