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Dogfight – A Sausage Bomber Story Review

We’re not sure anyone has been crying out for an arcade style shoot ’em up filled with sausage-related puns and associated shenanigans, but here we are.

Dogfight – A Sausage Bomber Story invites you to join the Sausage Bomber Corps. Your job: defend the nations of Relishtonia, Dijon Terre, Fredonia and Krautsbourg from the ambitions of the Vega Nation. Whether you go it alone as one of the four skilled pilots available or recruit some friends for up to four player couch co-op action is up to you.

A scrolling shooter of the horizontal variety, there’s nothing truly original about Dogfight – A Sausage Bomber Story. Well, apart from its strange sausage-obsessed world. Jump into its campaign mode and you can make your way through a sequence of stages, each one with its own arrangements of enemies to defeat and a final oversized boss.

Your craft is equipped with a primary weapon, which can be upgraded by shooting down certain enemies and collecting the power-ups that they drop. You can collect orbs that surround your ship, too, providing additional firepower and maybe even protecting you from taking a shot. You also have a secondary weapon, which is a bomb by default.

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What’s neat about Dogfight – A Sausage Bomber Story is that as you complete stages and collect stars based on your performance, more weapons are unlocked, allowing you to customise your loadout. You might be able to equip a new primary weapon that fires in all directions, for example, or change your secondary weapon into a powerful missile that fires straight forward and bypasses enemy shields.

Thanks to multiple difficulty levels, this is a shoot ’em up that’s more accessible than most, making it a good entry point for those keen to get started in the genre. It’s got a wonderfully charming visual style, too, as well as a rousing soundtrack by Dale North. And while it’s not got many modes, you can enable a speedrun function, which is sure to entertain those looking for a challenge.

Jump into Dogfight – A Sausage Bomber Story and while you’ll never likely be wowed, you will be entertained by its humorous brand of shoot ’em up action. This is a lovely-looking title with solid mechanics, enjoyable alone or with others. But there’s little that’s unique about its gameplay, and once its campaign has been completed many players may struggle to find a reason to return other than to collect more weapons.

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This review of Dogfight – A Sausage Bomber Story is based on the PS4 version (played on PS5), with a code provided by the game’s publisher. It’s available on PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Switch and PC.

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