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Dying Light 2 Gut Feeling Update

Dying Light 2’s Gut Feeling Update Dials Up the Gore

Dying Light 2’s new Gut Feeling update makes things a little messier, complete with limbs that can be chopped into three pieces.

Now, we can’t prove that Dying Light 2’s Gut Feeling update was released to coincide with the launch of the similarly gory Dead Island 2 but we wouldn’t be surprised if it was. Aside from leg chopping, you can watch the guts fly and more.

Sure, it’s not quite as impressive as knocking a zombie’s jaw off in Dead Island 2 but if you’re a gorehound you’ll certainly appreciate the addition. But, despite the update’s title, it actually does more than pour the giblets on.

For a start, you can now Transmog your gear. That basically means that you can use more powerful armour but retain the look of your favourite outfit. You’ve got to slay in style, after all. Then there’s weapon crafting, which lets you..er, craft weapon, as in Dead Island 2.

But, to be fair, Techland, which developed Dying Light 2, also created Dead Island before moving onto Dying Light. So, in a way, they’re just revisiting their roots. The update also features other tweaks.

As of the patch, “..groups of Tyrants and Volatiles will no longer be spotted in the open world.” That makes sense from a gameplay standpoint but we’re a little sad that’s been taken out. Still, those with a disc-based copy of the game can always revisit the old version.

You can find the full patch notes here, and read our review of Dying Light 2 here. And if you want to snap it up, it’s 50% off on PC (via Steam), PlayStation and Xbox.

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