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Final Fantasy Pixel Bundle Remaster Bundle

The Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Bundle is a Must-Buy for Those Wanting to Explore the RPG Series’ Origins

Like many, our first encounter with the Final Fantasy series was the phenomenal Final Fantasy VII.

Since then we’ve played and completed pretty much every new Final Fantasy release at launch. Though while we’ve tried to get into those six games that came before, we’ve struggled. That’s changed thanks to the Final Fantasy I-VI Pixel Remaster Bundle, now available on PS4 and Switch as well as PC.

Of course, you don’t need to buy Square Enix’s new remasters of Final Fantasy I-VI in a  bundle – they’re each individually available at a cost of between £8.99-£14.99 depending on your choice of format. Buying them in a bundle nets you a decent discount, however, and why wouldn’t you want every Final Fantasy game?

There are many reasons why these are the definitive versions of the first six Final Fantasy games yet. Every game has been painstakingly recreated with new visuals, keeping them authentic but more attractive across the board. And while the original soundtracks are still intact, there are also new orchestral scores for each game that are absolutely wonderful. These two factors alone are enough to make these remasters stand out.

Final Fantasy IV Pixel Remaster

But there’s more. They’ve all been rebalanced, making them more accessible to new audiences. Improved scripts and modernised user interfaces help with that, too. What we really like about these remasters, though, are the boosts they offer, allowing players to focus on what they enjoy the most.

Those wanting to play though each of these games for their stories can enable things like experience and gold multipliers, boosting their character growth and making progressing through each game a frictionless affair. Random combat encounters can even be turned on and off with the push of a button. And of course, these features are optional for those who want to test their battle skills. There are some settings that can make these games even harder, too.

Starting with the original Final Fantasy and making your way through them sequentially, you’ll likely appreciate the growth of the series from one title to the next. Initially starting out light on storytelling, plots get deeper and more engaging, and battle systems gain depth and complexity. As ever, you don’t need to play these games in order; each has its own setting, as well as a fresh cast of characters.

Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster Bundle

With each title you play in this Final Fantasy I-VI Pixel Remaster bundle, you get a better understanding of the ideas and concepts of the Final Fantasy series as a whole. From the job system to the dramatic storylines that Final Fantasy players have become accustomed to, this bundle is as eye opening as it is entertaining for those playing through these games for the first time. It becomes clear why the series has thrived and endured the ages, because it’s always changing and evolving.

Previously only available on mobile and PC, these remasters of Final Fantasy I-VI are better than ever on PS4 and Switch. They even fix one of the main issues players previously had with them: their modern font. A new pixel font can be selected, which gels better with each game’s retro aesthetics. Needless to say, if you’ve ever wanted to explore the origins of the Final Fantasy series, this is the way.

The Final Fantasy I-VI Pixel Remaster bundle is available on PS4, Switch and PC, with each title also available to purchase individually. 

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