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Grounded Update 1.2 Adds Wasps. Lots of Wasps

Grounded has a new update which, amongst other quality of life updates, introduces wasps to the game.

Sandbox-style survival game Grounded left Game Preview / Early Access last year. It sees you and other players shrunk and stranded in a back garden – think Honey I Shrunk the Kids but with even more nightmarish wildlife.

Now, developer Obsidian Entertainment is still putting out extra content which is good news for players. What is a little disappointing is that they chose not to call this the Stripey Bastard Update. Instead, they’ve dubbed it the Super Duper Update and, wasps aside, it features a wealth of new crafting options, over 100 in total.

There’s also a “base coziness” feature which the more cozy your base is, the more items and features you can unlock. So forget about just sticking one chair and a bed in there, there’s an actual reason to put the work in. You can relax in style while you’re hiding from the wasps.

Two turret types have also been merged into one, making the Pebblet and Pollen Turrets the Acorn Turret. You can mess around with different ammo types, such as Rocky Rounds and th enemy-slowing Sappy Rounds. Though there’s no mention of Wasp Murder rounds.

Also, as of this update Grounded is also Steam Deck verified so you can officially take your game on the go. You can find the full list of updates here and pick the game up on Xbox or PC. It’s also available for free via Game Pass.

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