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How to Access Mercenaries DLC in Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4

Do you need help to access the new Mercenaries DLC in Resident Evil 4? Here’s everything you need to know.

Although Resident Evil 4 add-on, Mercenaries, is free, you’ll still need to download it from the store. Head to your console’s storefront, and find the DLC. Download it to your console.

Now, it should download and install automatically, but for us it didn’t on PS5. And so before you load up Resident Evil 4, click the game tile, then select ‘Manage Game Content’. Ensure Mercenaries is marked as ‘installed’. If it isn’t, select it and install it. It’s only a tiny installation, as the content is already in the latest version of Resident Evil 4. This just allows you to access it.

And so that’s the final step: ensure you have the latest version installed of Resident Evil 4. If not, you’ll need to update your game files.

Once everything is installed and your game is up to date, you’re ready to play Mercenaries. When you load up Resident Evil 4, you’ll see a splash screen showing Mercenaries and the text “an extra game has been added”. To start the Mercenaries DLC, choose ‘Mercenaries’ from the main menu: it’ll now appear underneath the Main Story.

While in the original Resident Evil 4 you needed to have completed the main story before you could jump into Mercenaries, that’s now different. As long as you’ve got the free DLC installed, you can jump into Mercenaries at any point. Enjoy!

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