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Meet Your Maker Impossible Level

How to Make Impossible Levels in Meet Your Maker

Sure, you can make your Meet Your Maker levels hard to beat, but can you go further? Here’s how to make Meet Your Maker levels that are just plain impossible.

Yes, doing this makes you a terrible, terrible person but aren’t we all? You can, indeed, create Meet Your Maker levels that are actually impossible to beat. Not just hard, they’re literally impossible.

The way to make your levels impossible in Meet Your Maker is to block the GenMat deposit but you can only do this in social mode. In other words, the only way people can access your impossible level is if they search for your name, or location title, in social mode.

What you need to do is create a level, and then place blocks all around the GenMat dispenser. When you’ve finished, go to the main menu and, looking at the four activation boxes, choose the social box on the right. Then, exit the level.

Now, when people search for your name in the social level menu (accessed via the map table) they’ll find your level there. There’ll be a warning that there’s no harvester pass but they can still play it. And they’ll find it can’t be finished

Yes, they’ll hate you forever but if you do want to know how to make a Meet Your Maker level impossible, that’s how to do it.

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