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Dead Island 2

How to Save Your Game in Dead Island 2

Wondering how to save your game in Dead Island 2? Here’s what you need to know to ensure you don’t lose valuable progress.

Being an open world game, Dead Island 2 is rather large. And there’s nothing worse than losing progress in a big game, right? Because of that, you’re going to want to save your game in Dead Island 2 regularly. There’s only one problem: there’s no manual save option.

Yes, you read that right: there’s no option to save your game in Dead Island 2. You need to rely 100% on the autosave system. But before you start panicking, don’t worry! We’ve found the autosave function to be robust and reliable. And knowing exactly when your game will autosave will be a lifesaver.

Whenever your progress gets saved in Dead Island 2, you’ll see an ‘autosave’ notification pop up in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. Keep an eye out for this before you turn off your game. We’ve found that it will always save after you’ve visited and used a workbench, and so this quickly became our save-game routine: use a workbench then safely quit.

When you resume, you might not be in the exact same position as you were when you quit (i.e. near the workbench). But rest assured, your all-important progress will have saved.

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