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Karl Pilkington Doesn’t Approve of Death Stranding’s Bug Eating

Karl Pilkington Death Stranding

Karl Pilkington is back in another HuffingtonPants mash-up video and this time he’s been plunged into the world of Death Stranding.

And you know what? We’re glad Karl Pilkington is saying the things we didn’t think of playing Death Stranding. Take Fragile, for example, who’s happily shoving bugs into her mouth. Just how long before she goes full Renfield and starts chowing down on spiders?

That said, we’re not sure it’s a wise decision to hand Karl a BB unit. He’s rightly mystified as to why anyone would entrust him with such a child. He’d be happy with just his cereal bar but, no someone had to dump a baby in a bottle on him.

Still, at least the scenery’s nice, if you don’t count the giant oil whale that disturbs Karl’s sunbathing. The video is just one of many HuffingtonPants edits, most of which feature the round-headed Mancunian comedian/presenter.

You can find the other videos on their channel here. We’re particularly fond of the Skyrim videos, where Karl tries – and fails – to deal with the game’s NPCs. The quality of the editing is absolutely fantastic too. The video footage and game footage don’t quite blend but there’s nothing shoddy about the way HuffingtonPants has blended the two.

You can watch the video above and, remember, don’t eat those levitating bugs.

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