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Mia and the Dragon Princess Paul McGann

Mia and the Dragon Princess Gets a New Trailer With a Villainous Paul McGann

Mia and the Dragon Princess has a new trailer, featuring Doctor Who’s Paul McGann who, going by his tone, is the big villain.

Sure, there could be some big twist whereby McGann’s character isn’t really a bad ‘un. This Mia and the Dragon Princess trailer confirms that the titular Dragon Princess is a former pirate leader. So she’s either immortal or has been reincarnated. And when she turns up in protagonist Mia’s bar, as revealed in last year’s teaser, things take a turn for the kung-fu.

However, given she’s a literal pirate we’re assuming she’s murdered more than a few people, so it could be that McGann is trying to stop a new reign of terror. London is expensive enough without some pirate queen sailing down the Thames and stealing your pint.

McGann aside, the trailer also features some baddie-punching action. There are more than a few bottoms being kicked and we don’t even want to think about the physiotherapy bill. It all looks rather fun, though there is a slightly iffy CGI scene thrown into the mix.

Published by Wales Interactive, Mia and the Dragon Princess is set to land on every format except the Tiger Game.com. It arrives on PC, Mac, PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Series X|S, Switch, iOS and Android this May 4th 2023.

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