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Monster Hunter Now is Hitting Mobile in September

Monster Hunter Now magellan rathalos

The Monster Hunter series has always been mobile, but now it’s getting even mobiler, if that’s even a word.

Capcom has partnered up with Niantic to launch Monster Hunter Now this September, a game in which the real world and the world of Monster Hunter collide. Much like Niantic’s smash hit Pokémon Go, Monster Hunter Now will promote players venturing into the outside world. Only this time, instead of hoping to find Pokémon to catch, they’ll be seeking out monsters to hunt.

The core gameplay loop of the Monster Hunter series will remain intact, with players aiming to collect materials by hunting monsters and locating gathering points before using them to craft more powerful gear. A wide range of weapons will be available, too, and players will be coerced to try them all to discover their unique characteristics. But with it being a mobile game, things will be simplified to make it accessible to newcomers as well as series fans.

Where Monster Hunter Now will mainly differ from its console counterparts is in combat. Battles here will be finished in around 75 seconds, making them much brisker than what Monster Hunter fans will be accustomed to. And instead of using buttons players will fight by tapping and swiping at their screens. A sequence of quick taps will perform a combo, while pressing and holding the screen will perform a special attack unique to each weapon.

Monster Hunter Now gameplay

Like all Monster Hunter games, while you can go out and hunt alone, it’s better when done with others. It’ll be easy to team up as well, with players close by being drawn in without a fuss. And if you encounter a monster but don’t have time to engage it in combat, a paintball mechanic will allow you to mark it and fight it when you return home. Your Palico will even do this for you automatically.

When Monster Hunter Now launches this September it aims to offer a familiar Monster Hunter experience, but one that you can enjoy at any time, anywhere. And over time more monsters will be added and more, keeping things fresh. You possibly might not need to wait until September to go hands-on with it though, as a beta test is set to begin on 25th April.

You can sign up now to be in with a chance to take part in the beta – just head on over to monsterhunternow.com to register. And whether you make it in or not, more will be revealed about Monster Hunter Now in the coming months.

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