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Minecraft Cookbook

Now You Can Buy an Official Minecraft Cookbook

There’s an official Minecraft cookbook.. finally!

That’s not to say we’ve been craving one but we’re surprised it’s taken this long for an official Minecraft cookbook to come out. It’s been over ten years since the game was released and it’s only grown in popularity. And yet.. no official cookbook?

The official Minecraft cookbook, called Minecraft: Gather, Cook, Eat! Official Cookbook is out now, from Amazon and various other bookstores. It’s the work of author Tara Theoharis, who, prior to this, put out an unofficial Minecraft cookbook.

She’s also released a wealth of other cooking books, both game and non-game related, including the official Tomb Raider cookbook. So, she certainly knows what’s doing and the good news is that you don’t need to cut your ingredients into perfect cube shapes, either.

We’ve yet to get out hands on the cookbook but, going by the recipes shown on Amazon they all use regular, human ingredients. But we didn’t hold that against the official Fallout cookbook and we can think of stranger cookbook themes.

You’ll learn how to make Mooshroom Burgers, Suspicious Stew, and The Cake. Yes, there’s a very obvious Portal joke there, but we’re above that. Honest. You can pick the book up from Amazon here.

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