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Overwatch 2’s Moist Dynamite Would Make David Cronenberg Proud

Overwatch 2 Dynamite

Overwatch 2 has some fantastic sci-fi weapons but one of them, a bundle of dynamite, is worryingly moist.

Normally, Overwatch 2 character Ashe’s dynamite is pretty traditional, a slightly futuristic looking red bomb, complete with wick. It makes an explosion and, with this being a multiplayer FPS, if you’re lucky it will go off in the face of someone you hate.

But there’s a new skin which changes the appearance of the dynamite, making it a lot squishier. Twitch streamer Pogstream acquired the skin and, as spotted by PC Gamer, shared their unsettling findings.

The new skin doesn’t just give Ashe’s grenade weapon a new alien look, it also sounds worryingly moist. It makes a slopping sound when you move it to the point that, even it doesn’t explore, we wouldn’t want it near us.

If you’ve ever seen the movie Existenz, you’ll recall the gross game pod and the gun that was made out of teeth and fish parts. This gross explosive device is giving us that same vibe, to the point where wonder if director David Cronenberg was somehow involved.

Ashe’s new dynamite is… moist (sound on)
by u/pogstream in Overwatch

But, gross as it is, we’d actually like to see more of this. Just imagine a multiplayer game where the weapons are so horrifyingly gross that you’re almost afraid to use them. Think Scorn, but dialled up to eleven and with other players thrown in.

The dynamite skin is part of Overwatch 2’s Season 4 content, so it’s not there from the word go. But if you do use it, don’t blame us if you fill thoroughly dirty after throwing it.

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