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Resident Evil 4 Guitar Hero Edition

Reddit Found Guitar Hero: Resident Evil 4 Edition and We Wish it Was Real

A Reddit user’s game store find has us wishing that Guitar Hero: Resident Evil 4 Edition was a real thing.

Forget Aerosmith, this is the crossover that Guitar Hero needs, one that could resurrect the failed franchise, this time for keeps. Reddit user PopcronHD spotted Resident Evil 4 in a security case that, previously, had held Guitar Hero or some other rhythm game.

Going by the damage to the edge of the sticker, which reads “Play with a guitar controller or extend to a band”, someone has previously tried removing the sticker. But, instead of sticking it in the back till they can get some adhesive remover, they’ve stuck it back on the the shelf.

At least, that’s the boring old real-world story. In our heads, however, we’re already imagining how awesome a crossover game would be. It could mash up music and monster murder – you’d rock the hell out, pausing only to take out Ganados with your guitar.

Didn’t know the new Resident Evil supported such a mode!
byu/PopcronHD ingaming

Or, even better, make it a split-screen experience, with Ashley strumming while Leon fends off foes. We’re already halfway there, thanks to a mod that puts Leon’s various incarnations into Guitar Hero World Tour. Forget rocket launchers and the like, let’s see Lord Sadler deal with the power of rock!

Because.. let’s face it, Guitar Hero hasn’t fared well of late. Guitar Hero Live’s online service ended up being shut down, rendering many, many songs unplayable. Resident Evil 4’s floppy-haired cop could be precisely what it needs to reanimate the franchise. And if not? Leon’s got experience of putting down the walking dead.

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