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Resident Evil: Death Island Has a New Trailer That’s as Cheesy as it Needs to Be

Resident Evil: Death Island

Resident Evil: Death Island has a new trailer and it’s ridiculously, wonderfully cheesy.

Oh, sure, there’s some drama, including the appearance of a new Licker variant as well as bigger glimpse of Alcatraz Island. Despite the “Resident Evil: Death Island” title, this isn’t some Umbrella outpost, it’s the US prison which, later, became a tourist attraction. No sign of Sean Connery, though.

It also confirms yesterday’s leaked release date, July 7th. The gang’s all here, Jill Valentine, Leon Kennedy, Chris Redfield, Claire Redfield and Rebecca Chambers. And they’re all really, really into somersaulting around. As underlined by the Resident Evil 4 remake, why duck when you can leap, preferably in slow motion?

The trailer also features the brooding antagonist and it confirms that Leon is back to his wisecracking self after the last Resident Evil CGI movies. We’ve missed you, Sassy Leon. It’s ridiculous and over the top but that’s absolutely fine. And the T-Virus is back too, even though Wesker’s long out of the picture.

It’s yet to be confirmed whether Resident Evil: Death Island will arrive globally on July 7th or if it’ll have a staggered release. But with the trailer having an English voice-over, we shouldn’t have to wait for it to be dubbed. You can watch trailer above and check out the Japanese site here.



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