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Saints Row’s Dead Island 2 Crossover Content is Out Now

Saints Row Dead Island Crossover

Saints Row’s Dead Island 2 crossover content is now available across all platforms, letting you.. put an inflatable flamingo on your head?

Yes, we’re a little disappointed that Saints Row’s Dead Island 2 content, which is free, doesn’t let you take on zombies. Previous games have featured the shambling undead in some form or other. But as freebies goe, we’re suckers for a stupid costume.

The content, dubbed the Dead Island 2 FREE Cosmetic Pack (not Saints of the Dead, sadly) adds several items, flamingo hat aside. It also includes a Carver the Shark statue which you can have adorning your Saints HQ.

So just what do you get? The content is as follows:

  • Jacob & Amy inspired clothing
  • Carver HQ Collectible
  • Slayer’s Electric Smasher Weapon Skin
  • Flambo Inflatable Hat
  • Zombie Shuffle Emote

The zombie shuffle is fun but it’s still the flamingo hat that shines. Saints Row is known for including ridiculous items and letting you wear them in cutscenes. We can still remember playing Saints Row 2 and watching a cutscene where a character died horribly. We were wearing a hot dog costume which did undo some of the drama.

The pack is available right now. As for Dead Island 2, it’s just under two weeks away from release. We got our hands on it back in March and we were pretty impressed with this zombie-smashing action game. We don’t yet know if it’ll be a must play but we do know that it’s not a horrible, horrible trainwreck.

Why would we think it was? Dead Island 2 has been in development for nearly ten years, with development restarted twice. So the state of the game was always a worry. Hopefully, the wait will have all been worth it.

The Saints Row crossover content is out now. Dead Island 2 hits PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC on 21st April.

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