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Sons of the Forest’s New Patch Notes are Not For the Faint of Heart

Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest’s latest patch is here and the patch notes are really something.

To be fair, Sons of the Forest’s patch notes to reveal a few cool additions, including an odd little motorised unicycle dubbed the Knight V. And it fixes various issues that, if you’re a dedicated Sons player, could well have been annoying you.

However, it’s the first line of the improvements section that knocked us for six. It simply reads, “Dead babies now have buoyancy in water.” We have so, so many questions. For a start, what kind of research did developer Endnight Games do to determine that they float? Was Stephen King involved? Secondly, why is this in the improvements section?

Maybe it’s better those questions remain unanswered. Fortunately, there are plenty of other tweaks for us to frantically attempt to focus on. You can find the full patch notes here, but here are some of the notable changes, baby and motorised unicycle aside.

  • You can now build spring traps.
  • You can break cannibal lookout towers and large huts.
  • It’s now easier to dismember corpses.
  • Cannibals are better at dodging heavy attacks.
  • Falling trees will now hit cannibals if they’re in the way.
  • You can now pick up and throw puffy dead bodies (there’s a definite pattern here).
  • When you burn Mr and Mrs Puffton their clothes go up. Yes, nothing but wholesome patch notes here.

The most radical change is the addition of the Knight V. Yes, the hang glider was cool but it was a pain having to haul it up and down slopes. The Knight V looks to be much more useful.I If you’ve yet to play Sons of the Forest, which is in Steam Early Access, check out our impressions here. Just don’t go in expecting kittens and unicorns.

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