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The Chuckle Brothers in Resident Evil 4 is the DLC We All Need

Resident Evil 4 Chuckle Brothers

Ever wondered what  happen if The Chuckle Brothers wandered into Resident Evil 4 ? Thanks to voice-actor Ben Kearns, we’ve got a good idea.

Kearns, who’s perhaps best known for his uncanny Matt Berry impression, has mashed up Resident Evil 4 with British childhood favourites The Chuckle Brothers. Paul and Barry, famous for their “To Me, To You” catchphrase, also found favour with those who had grown up with their on-screen antics.

Kearns’ video combines audio from their slapstick show Chucklevision with Resident Evil 4 as they roam around, bothering Ganados. It’s the kind of scrape we can well imagine the pair getting into, though we don’t recall a Chucklevision episode where they were chainsawed in the neck.

Leon may be armed to the teeth and if that’s your thing, fine. But Barry and Paul would could dispatch Lord Sadler with just a plank of wood. Then they’d wander off, utterly oblivious that they’d saved the world.

Sadly, Barry Chuckle died in 2018, so the chances of this actually becoming real DLC is slim. Yes, we’d pay a ridiculous amount of money for this to be a thing but it’s not happening. We do, however, have our fingers crossed that eli_handle_b.wav or some other video editor can take this to the next level.

And if not? Someone has already requested Kearns voice Resident Evil 4’s merchant as Matt Berry and we have our fingers crossed for that. You can follow him on Twitter here, or check out his demo reel here. And if you’re wondering if Resident Evil 4’s remake genuinely does improve on the original, read our review.

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