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The Internet Has Turned Resident Evil 4 Remake’s Ashley Into a Mouse

Resident Evil 4 Mouse Ashley

The internet is reimagining Resident Evil 4 remake’s Ashley Graham as a mouse and we’re absolutely on board with that.

Unlike our shoddy piece of Ashley photoshoppery, artistically-inclined Resident Evil 4 fans have been turning her into a tiny mouse. You’d think that would make it easier for her would-be-rescuer Leon to keep track of her, but apparently not.

Instead, a lot of the images depict her blundering into harm all for the sake of cheese. Which, considering her size, makes sense – if a massive, boulder-sized Easter Egg materialised in our front garden, you wouldn’t be able to tear us away.

And yes, we do mean the whole internet. The Ashley mouse train just keeps on rolling, though the originator of this ballooning meme was artist Mora. “What if you booted up resident evil 4 remake and Ashley was just a tiny mouse, what would you do?” they asked, accompanied by just the most adorable image.

The Twitterverse took the concept and ran with it, quoting Mora and adding their own art. We heartily recommend you poke through the quote tweets, there’s just too much talent on display for us to pick a favourite image. Some folks even dialled things up to eek-level by animating Mouse Ashley.

Unfortunately, we also have to report that Mouse Ashley has made her way into Rule 34. You don’t even have to go looking, either. We hopped onto Twitter and, one minute later, we’d stumbled across Mouse Ashley tits, words we thought we’d never dreamt we’d type.

Even without Ashley being a tiny, tiny rodent, Resident Evil 4’s remake is absolutely worth your time. You can check out our review here and pick it up on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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