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Diablo IV Necromancer Trailer

The Latest Diablo IV Trailer Shines the Spotlight on the Necromancer

Diablo IV’s latest character trailer is here and it’s the Necromancer’s turn to show off their skills.

And by skills, we mean raising the dead and conjouring massive blood red pentagram. But if you’ve played as the Necromancer in the Diablo IV beta, or are a fan of Re-Animator, you’ll know the kind of shenanigans that await Necromancer players.

Aside from raising the dead, the trailer shows off some of the Necromancer’s offensive capabilities. Sure, some of the game’s bigger enemies might be able to punch her head clean off her shoulders but they’ll have to get up close first.

In fact, in the beta she was almost too powerful, leading developer Blizzard to nerf some of her abilities a little. Her minions, for example, will now die quicker. But, as you level up, she (or he if you choose) should still be a force to be reckoned with.

You can watch the trailer above and get to sample her abilities pretty soon. No, we’re not talking about the game’s June release date. There’s actually a server stress-test, essentially a pre-launch play-test, taking place in the middle of May.

The Necromancer will be one of the playable Diablo IV characters and since you don’t need to have pre-ordered the game, you can raise the dead at your leisure. Now, if only Blizzard would let us reanimate collections of parts. Hey, it worked for Herbert West.

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