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The Latest The Last of Us Part I PC Patch Fixes T-Posing NPCs and More

The Last of Us Part I PC

The Last of Us Part I PC has a new patch that addresses multiple bugs, T-Posing NPCs included.

Path 1.03 is out now and should squash many issues The Last of Us I PC players have been experiencing. The PC port of this action survival game has been plagued by issues, so much so that developer Naughty Dog has had to apologise for its quality.

So what’s been fixed? According to the patch notes, they’ve fixed a bug “where an enemy NPC may T-pose if Joel performs a single input quickturn while holding said enemy.” On reflection, we wish we’d actually tried that as it sounds hilarious. It could also be a pacifist run tool. Why kill human NPCs when you can lock them into an eternal nightmare state?

Other bugs that have been addressed include flashlights warping in the environment, player animations failing at higher FPS levels, low quality textures, pixellated water and.. this is a hell of a bug.. quick time prompts not appearing. Yes, there was an issue that could actually get you – or rather Joel – killed.

You can check out the full The Last of Us Part I PC patch notes here. The patch is live now so Steam and the Epic Game Store should auto-update. So, unless you’ve left Steam off-line, you’ve missed your chance to force NPCs into T-posing torment. Sorry.

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