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Tears of the Kingdom Tank

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Will Let You Build a Tank

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The latest Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom trailer features four minutes of in-game footage, and we don’t care. Why? Because Link can build a tank.

Sure, Ganondorf puts in a brief appearance, and there’s talk of the Master Sword, and Link fights some monsters. But we just can’t get past the fact that, in this Breath of the Wild sequel, Link can build a tank. If you’ve missed it (you can watch the Tears of the Kingdom trailer below), take look at the 2:33 mark.

Link has literally used Hyrulian tech, and his new crafting abilities, to attach wheels to a gigantic stone block, then strap on a whole bunch of weapons. You can forget your breakable weapons, we’re building a rolling murder machine the first opportunity we get. If Tears of the Kingdom gives you a tank, make tank juice.

We doubt that you’ll be able to build something of that size and power from the word go – you can expect Tears of the Kingdom to impose some limits, level wise. But just the prospect of it has us grinning like idiots.

Plus, you can strap on a jet pack, becoming Hyrule’s own Rocketeer. Animator Matthew McClesky may have been kidding with his Tears of the Kingdom video, but it turns out he just wasn’t thinking big enough.

The trailer was livestreamed yesterday, with Nintendo tweeting out a side-on image of Tears of the Kingdom’s Ganondorf, which you can find here. There’s one trailer still to come, which will be released this May 12th.

As for the game itself, Tears of the Kingdom also arrives on Nintendo Switch this May 12, tank and all. Now, if we can just get Nintendo to put mechs in Breath of the Wild 3..

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