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These Govee RGBIC Gaming Lights Will Light Up Your Desk and Everything Else

Govee RGBIC Light

The Govee RGBIC LED Neon Rope Lights for Desks are fantastic for lighting up your desk. But there’s absolutely no reason to stop there.

It’s clear that Govee is aiming the RGBIC LED Neon Rope Lights for Desks at gamers, the same kind of style-enthusiasts who would purchase an RGB chair. And, as desk lights, they’re just excellent. They’re easy to install and while they’re not intended to be repositioned, if you’ve got your own adhesive tape you can easily move them.

Alexa and Google Home integration is, like the Govee AI Sync Box, available if you link it to your device. Though, unlike the AI Box, it doesn’t react to on-screen gameplay, nor does it claim it does. As far as Alexa goes, we were able to its change colour and turn it on and off but more complex instructions such as “flash” didn’t work. However, there are a multitude of options via the app.

We settled on a boring old solid, multicolour display, with each segment a different colour. But you can also apply a range of brain-meltingly wild effects, the kind of thing you’d see in a seaside arcade. You can create your own programs, effects and even choose the colour of each individual segment. You may need to dim the light a little for maximum effect but it’s still eye-pleasingly impressive.

Speaking of arcades, we also used the Govee RGBIC LED Neon Rope Lights for Desks with our arcade machine to great effect. At first we matched the colours with the machine’s yellow trim, then went wild with the colours. It’s certainly hard to beat the RGBIC Gaming Lights’ flexibility even if, with the more ludicrous settings, if feels like your eyes may drip from their sockets.

You can also trim the lights down, in segments. And Govee’s calibration feature lets you ensure you’re not losing any functionality. You can’t cut the 3M length in half and have two working 1.5M lights, but it should fit most desks.

We were a little afraid that we’d somehow snap the strip, but it stood up to repeated manipulation. Should you try and tie it in a knot? No. But it’s certainly durable. Unfortunately, they’re not certified waterproof, so we’d recommend keeping them out of the bathroom. Even if we’re 100% confident they’d look excellent around the edge of the bathtub. Still, you can’t have everything.

The lights are currently priced at $69.99, down from an RRP of $89.99. They’re an excellent, reasonably-priced way to spruce up your desk, office or really anywhere that needs brightening up with vivid colour.

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