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The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

A Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Player Made a Dog Petting Machine

Tears of the Kingdom’s player creations keep on coming but we especially have to tip our hat to this dog-petting machine.

You may have heard the shocking, shocking news that you can’t pet the dog – or any dog – in Tears of the Kingdom. However, Twitter user and animator Noah Ataya has chosen to address this grave injustice.

They’ve used the game’s Zonai technology to craft a device that will pet a dog. Well, it actually moves a big wheel around where the dog’s head is, but that’s a lot closer than the game lets you get.

And the doggo in question seems entirely unperturbed this, so that’s a win for that good boy too. Honestly, we’re still astonished that, in an age when there’s a Twitter account tracking dog-pettable games, that Nintendo would leave this crucial mechanic out.

It’s also a great deal more wholesome than some of the creations we’ve seen. For example, there’s a subset of machines dedicated entirely to burning, hurling or otherwise taunting Koroks.

Yes, you can help them get to their friends using your Ultrahand ability but you can also glue them to rockets, cartwheels and virtually anything else in the game. You couldn’t pay us enough to be one of those fuzzy little guys.

So, compared to those, this Tears of the Kingdom dog-petting machine seems like a big step up.

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