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Atomic Heart’s DLC Teaser Trailer is Vertigo-tastic

Atomic Heart DLC 1 Reveal Teaser

Atomic Heart’s DLC is on the way and it’s probably not for the faint-hearted.

We’re not talking about the monsters, though. The new complex, featured in Atomic Heart’s DLC teaser, is really something. It looks to be set inside a massive dome, with various rooms and platforms within that dome.

But, instead of sitting neatly on the ground, the dome’s developers have suspended the rooms in the air. Several thin walkways run between each room. There are handrails in evidence but we still get vertigo just looking at it.

Developer Mundfish hasn’t clarified exactly how the DLC will slot into the game’s story but it’s almost certain it’ll be a side-mission. If you’re looking to see a continuation of Atomic Heart’s story you’ll have to wait for a sequel.

There may also be a little swimming involved. The bottom of the complex is water logged and it looks like it’s filled with actual water, not the game’s liquid polymer.

The trailer confirms that Atomic Heart’s first DLC will arrive this summer. It’s the first of four pieces of DLC, with the remaining as yet undated. You can purchase a season pass which will let you play all four, or wait to see how this one turns out.

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