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The Witcher 3 2 (1) games with sex scenes

The Best, and Worst, Sex Scenes in Video Games

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Perhaps due to the advancement of 3D graphics, sex scenes have become more popular in video games in recent years.

In some games, sex scenes are served up as if they’re some sort of reward for making the right choices or performing the right actions. In others they’re natural; expressing the love between characters and the advancement of a relationship. And in all cases, they range from being just downright weird, to actually quite touching.

So, what are the games with the best sex scenes? And what about the worst? Well, we’ve called back on our years of playing games and surmised a list of just over ten of them. All of these games, or game series, have sex scenes that will either make you cringe or fill you with joy. Read on and enjoy.

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1. Terminator: Resistance

Terminator Resistance 3 (1)

Available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One & PC

Terminator: Resistance, despite being formulaic, isn’t actually a bad video game. In fact, it’s probably the best video game ever made based on the Terminator license. It does, however, have a couple of the most cringe-worthy sex scenes ever to grace video games.

Depending on the your actions in the game, there are two women you can bed in Terminator: Resistance. Jennifer is a fellow survivor, and your relationship with her does grow over time, making it feel at least a bit natural. Your sexual encounter with Baron, however, is awful. It’s so very transactional. Anyway, give the game a play and see for yourself.

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2. Far Cry 3

Far Cry 3 (1)

Available on PS4, Xbox One & PC

Far Cry 3 is brilliant, and if you missed out on playing it last generation, you can now play it on PS4 and Xbox One as well as PC.

There are numerous sexy scenes in Far Cry 3, and one of the game’s endings has you going all the way with Citra, a priestess who you’re never quite sure is a friend or foe. Honestly, it’s quite a shocking end to the game, though the sex scene is handled fairy well; it’s not too exploitative or cheesy. But after the pleasure comes a whole lot of pain.

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3. DmC: Devil May Cry

DmC (1)

Available on PS4, Xbox One & PC

Okay, so this one’s just weird.

DmC, Ninja Theory’s excellent stab at the Devil May Cry series, has a scene where Mundus, the main villain, is enjoying some sexual frolics with his partner. The thing is, with his partner being a demon, and Mundus himself being quite angry during the whole affair, it’s all just so very uncomfortable to watch. It’s a shame, because overall the game is excellent.

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4. The Witcher 3

The Witcher 3 (1)

Available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Switch & PC

Just where do we start?

There are so many sex scenes to be discovered in The Witcher 3. The best though, are undoubtedly between Geralt and Yennefer, simply because it feels like they do actually love each other. Yennefer has a strange fascination with a unicorn, however, but Geralt goes along with it because that’s what life is all about: acceptance and compromises.

If you want to play a brilliant game and also experience a bit of titillation from time to time, definitely play The Witcher 3, you hear?

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5. Assassin’s Creed Origins

Creed Origins (1)

Available on PS4, Xbox One & PC

In Assassin’s Creed Origins, Bayek and Aya are two warriors very much in love. Certain events in their life have forced them to spend much time apart, however, and so when their paths do finally cross once again they just can’t help themselves.

Bayek and Aya’s moment is touching, really. It’s fleeting, something they know all too well, and thanks to brilliant motion capture and voice acting, it all feels very sincere. It’s not particularly graphic, but Bayek and Aya’s sexual encounter is certainly one of the best in the world of video games.

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6. Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain (1)

Available on PS4 & PC

The quick time event-laden Heavy Rain is perhaps the Marmite of video games: some love it, others hate it. What can’t be denied, however, is that it has one of the most developed sex scenes.

Ethan is down on his luck in Heavy Rain; he’s had a hard time. When he makes the acquaintance of Madison, a journalist who suffers from insomnia, she quickly becomes a ray of light. Over time their relationship develops, which eventually leads to a sex scene. The only thing that spoils it are the ridiculous button prompts popping up here, there and everywhere. They just detract from the scene, and don’t amount to enjoyable gameplay.

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7. Dragon Age Series

Dragon Age (1)

Available on PS4, Xbox One & PC

Thanks to a multitude of romance options, The Dragon Age series has sex scenes aplenty. The most memorable for many, though, will be the one featuring Morrigan, a cynical mage whose personality is a bit prickly.

Make the right choices and perform the right actions and Morrigan might just ask you to keep her warm at night. It’s sure to set the hearts of some players racing, but Morrigan is such a hard character to read that you’re just not sure if you’re being used.

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8. Mass Effect Series

Mass Effect Andromeda (1)

Available on PS4, Xbox One & PC

Developed by Bioware, just like Dragon Age, the Mass Effect series is another that features countless sex scenes due to its romance options. Perhaps it’s just because it’s the newest, but Mass Effect Andromeda‘s sex scenes particularly spring to mind.

In bedding Cora, for example, you’re treated to some cringe-worthy dialogue and some cheeky scenes. All sex scenes in Bioware games suffer from feeling like rewards, though. Very rarely does it feel like you’ve developed a relationship between characters – just made the right choices and won a dirty show.

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9. Wolfenstein: The New Order

Available on PS4, Xbox One & PC

Sometimes, relationships flourish in even the most harshest of times. Take William and Anya in Wolfenstein: The New Order – the Nazis may be breathing down both of their necks, but that doesn’t stop them from falling in love.

Wolfenstein: The New Order has a couple of sex scenes between William and Anya, though the second is perhaps the most the most shocking and/or amusing. They’re just so in love they can’t help themselves, especially as any time could be their last. They don’t care if anyone can hear them or not.

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10. Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V 2 (1)

Available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S & PC

It should come as no surprise that Grand Theft Auto V has numerous sex scenes. From touchy-feely trainers to frolics in the garden, Grand Theft Auto V bombards you with sexual encounters on a regular basis as part of its story. And if that’s not enough you can always go cruising in a vehicle and pick up a sex worker, or visit a strip club and a get a lap dance.

Grand Theft Auto V is one of the most sexual games out there, definitely, but most of its scenes are either played with a comedic tone or come off a bit cringe-worthy and awkward to be honest.

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11. Metro: Last Light

Metro Last Light (1)

Available on PS4, Xbox One, Switch & PC

With its dark tunnels full of mystery and serious tone, the Metro series was the last game we expected to encounter a sex scene in. Peril often causes characters to drop their defences though, and that’s exactly what happens in Metro: Last Light.

Paired up with Anna to locate a creature called a Dark One, her and Artyom don’t get on very well initially. After spending time together, however, they warm to each other, and when Anna fears she has been exposed to a killer virus, she seduces Artyom, fearing that she is soon to die. It’s perhaps not the best reason to have sex, but hey, they’re both consenting digital adults.

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12. Immortality

Immortality review

Available on Xbox Series X/S & PC

From the creator of the brilliant Her Story, Immortality is one of the strangest FMV-driven games you’re ever likely to play. Free to explore an archive of video footage collected during the production of numerous films, Immortality asks you to piece together what happened to their star, Marissa Marcel.

It’s how you move from one video to the next that’s unique here. Instead of typing in keywords or simply clicking on videos from a database, you’re instead challenged to identify objects in the environment that may lead to the next clue. And, being on this list, you guessed it: there are some sex scenes hidden away if you’re nosey enough. We weren’t as enamoured with Immortality as some others, but if you’re after a sexually-charged mystery to unravel, it’s worth digging into.

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